Clients & References

Hi Mike
Where do i begin...You speak so highly of your dogs and puppies,and now i know Why
our little girl (Katie) is everything you said,we should expect and more!!!At only 8 weeks
old her intelligence amazes me Everyday the love and companionship just melts my
heart...and i must not forget to mention her playful side.. We've had a few good
laughs!!! She is so kind and gentle with the whole family,and she just loves to hang out
with the kids!!! House training was a breeze...which just goes to show how smart she is.
She is perfect,we love her so much.Mike and Caroline thank you so much,You played a
big role in Katie's life for the first 8 weeks,without all your time and patience,Katie would
not be all of those things i mentioned above!!!Also a big thank you to both of you for
allowing me to come to your home and visit with your dogs(they are the best)and
especially the puppies.It was so nice to meet you both,keep up the good work,You are
the best!!!

                                      Tina Smith
                                        Bruin nl

Mike and Caroline are the proud owners and operators of Bickford Kennels in St.
John's, Newfoundland. They are located at 246 Empire Avenue, just a hop skip and a
jump from the Avalon Mall. I am from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland - Kelligrews
to be exact - and I am currently teaching in a small community in the Northwest
Territories called Tuktoyaktuk. Last year I began thinking about getting a dog for some
company and after a lot of thought I searched some Pug Breeders in Newfoundland and
that is when I came across Bickford Kennels. I inquired about obtaining a pug puppy
and Mike promptly replied saying he was expecting a litter any day now, that was back in
mid-July. Over the couple of months from the birth of my puppy till I obtained him, Mike
and Caroline were nothing less then professional in every aspect. Due to the fact that
the puppy was to stay with the litter and the mother until the age of 8 weeks it meant
that I would be returning back up North prior to this deadline if you will and Mike in turn
offered to look after all the arrangements of shipping my puppy up to Tuktoyaktuk. I
received him in perfect condition and was overjoyed to say the least. During the 8
weeks that he was at the kennel, I dropped in on a regular basis to see the little fellow,
Mike and Caroline always greeted me with a smile and were eager to answer any
questions I had concerning my new little buddy. All in all, it was a most enjoyable
experience dealing with the Bickfords and I would encourage anyone looking for a pug
to look these people up, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
Jeremy and Jargee

Mike and Caroline,
We just wanted to write and tell you how happy our new pup has made everyone in the
family. He is just perfect,which goes to show the care and dedication you put into raising
your pups. We were welcomed into your home along with our children to watch Rocko,
grow each week until he was ready to come home,I can't tell you how important that was
for us. The care and love you show your dogs shows how this is not a business to you
but a a way to share this beautiful breed in a responsible way. Rocko is learning new
things everyday and proves to be a great form of entertainment! I'm sure we will be in
touch for years to come!  
All the Best,

Chanda,Jason,Joshua,Emma & Rocko Byrne
Torbay, NL

I purchased Bullet vom haus Hillsview from Mike in November of 2007. Never have I had
a transaction go so smoothly. Mike was extremely helpful in gathering all the flight data,
airline requirements, paperwork etc. To get Bullet from Newfoundland to here in the
USA. He made it effortless. All I had to do was show up when and where he told me. She
was right there waiting. I received her registration and all other documents exactly as
promised and in an incredibly short time. Since her arrival here, Bullet finished her show
championship in just 4 shows and has already began earning her obedience titles
(thanks in large part to the excellent foundation that Mike gave her and his patience in
explaining all that he had done with her). I am quite pleased to say that Mike has been
very reachable after the sale and we often have phone chats over how Bullet is doing.
What an exceptional experience. You can truly tell that Mike loves each and every one
of his dogs (even after they leave!) and it shows. Thank you Mike for such a great
experience. Its great to know that honest people still exist in the dog world.

Jennifer Rainey
vom haus Huro German Shepherds

Hi mike
I really have to say WOW!  He's everything I anticipated and better.  Very
Good play, even minutes after we opened the crate.  I'm amazed at how
Powerful he feels at only 8 weeks old.  And so alert and inquisitive!  I've
Been acquainting him with my cat.  Foolish cat I have, despite any barks or
Growls are just as inquisitive as the pup.  I think I'll name him "Rook", and
He’s bonding with me much better than any dog ever has.  Thank you so very
Much for this.  You have a very amazing talent, I'm very impressed

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to drop you a few lines concerning the new addition to our family.
Lacey is doing exceptional well in her new home, its like she has lived here all her life.
The kids love her so much and I cant imagine life without her.
I think we have her spoiled already.
She sleeps in her kennel during the night but during the day she has the whole run of
the house and is allowed on the beds and sofa. She does not seem to care for the cold
and the snow to much,
when we put her out she does her business and  runs back to the door to get inside.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me and my family to
have this beautiful puppy. Its amazing how this one little puppy has brought us closer as
a family.

Thank you

Hi Mike/Caroline,

I was going to call you earlier the week but it has been a hectic few days.  I just wanted
to let you know that Logano is doing great; eating & sleeping great & really playful.   
She loves all the attention from everybody & has been getting bigger already.  She has
quite the personality; everybody just loves her to pieces.    She likes playing with Nathan’
s Nascars so I guess her name suits her.   Nathan lines up all his cars then she’ll go
over & pushes them around.  Too Cute!!!  

I was at the vet last week & I have a paper confirming that she is in great health etc,   I
know I have to give you a copy; we are going out of town for a day or two so maybe next
week I can contact you to drop it off.   

I have attached a couple of pictures of Logano.   We just love her so much, we are so
excited to have her & I can’t thank you enough for letting us get one of your pugs.   She
is the best little thing ever!

Thanks Again!


Hello Mike and Caroline.
The reason I'm emailing is because we wanted to sincerely Thank you for the care that
you've given to Kody. Both of us were, quite honestly, really impressed with the
tenderness and devotion that you've shown with your dogs. I think, above anything else,
that has to be the deciding factor between good and bad breeders. It is obviously more
than a job to you and in your business, this is the difference in the quality, adjustment
and contentment of your pups. We're very happy to have found a breeder with your
integrity and genuine love for your dogs. Coupled with the professionalism and health
guarantees of your contracts, I would urge potential pet owners to seek serious and
qualified breeders, such as you; who have the essential emotional and dedicated bond
wth their dogs, as well as the professional operation of a business.  


Earl Norman
Gary Holden

Hello Mike
Lexie is a little treasure,My mom is constantly telling me Lexie stories just like a proud
parent! There not a thing i'd change about her.We are constantly amazed at how well
trained she is, considering the number of dogs you have. To be able to devote that
must attention to each dog,each day must take you close to midnight.

We"ll talk soon take care.
Wanda Moore